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I haven't fished it in awhile, but the area in general has high water now. I do know that. Generally speaking, that's good for fishing around there compared to the past decade of drought.

If you haven't fished that area in several years, though, you're going to notice right away that turbidity is way up...mostly increase in algae blooms as a result of massive corp ag consolidated animal feeding operations (mostly poultry) in the watershed allowed to expand unbridled by the MO Dept of Natural Resources...which is so in the tank to MO Farm Bureau that the situation is hopeless. Flatslandercp will be happy to know that carp populations are soaring in those streams and the lake coves in that part of the watershed as a direct result. LOL

One might think at first blush that all the rainfall would help flush things out and improve water quality, but that would be wrong. Karst topography doesn't filter ground water or surface runoff effectively. And heavy rains just carry all the ****, fertilizer, hormones, pesticides, herbicides, and antibiotics right to the streams and then into the lakes. So you get algae, hormones, dead insect populations, and dead micro-organisms that "scrub" the water clean. Thank you MO DNR! The state of OK has already been sueing (and winning) the state of AR and has been threatening to sue MO over water quality issues in this region for the past several years because of waters that flow out of AR and MO and into OK being below Clean Water Act standards. If you haven't floated or fished these streams in a decade, you probably find that hard to believe.

I sort of "starred" in an award-winning documentary titled, "We All Live Downstream" in 2008 on this very subject in this very watershed. The title is even a quote from something I said in the movie. So this thread hit sort of close to "home." Sorry for the sermon on fisheries conservation and water quality environmental activism.

If I were you, I'd go ready to fish for bass and carp. The fishing there is still pretty darned excellent! So don't think I'm saying it sucks. I'm saying it isn't what it once was, and that it will suck in another decade if folks don't change their ways.
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