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I don't want to get too political, but that's an awfully broad brush-stroke. The Ozarks are an economically depressed region, and suffer many of the issues and blights of economically depressed regions throughout the US.

I haven't spent much time in the Elk River watershed, but did do some work on the Spring River watershed, and Shoal Creek, up near Joplin. A pretty stream, lots of fish, but severely impacted by past lead and zinc mining, as well as urbanization. Definitely saw some gross stuff...

One of my favorite encounters was talking with a landowner/rancher who worked several hundred acres at the Missouri/Kansas state line. A few years before this encounter a new sewage treatment facility had been installed just upstream of his property. He artificially inseminated his cows, and the pregnancy percentage went from the high 80% to around 30%, I believe. NRCS came out and said the fertility loss was the result of hormones being emitted from the upstream sewage treatment plant. He switched to well water, and the pregnancy rate jumped back up to the high 80's....

Another- we spent a week in the area knocking on doors, looking for landowners who would allow access to the streams running through their property. We were getting lots of cold shoulders and stern looks- no one wanted the gubbmint on their property. Until Wednesday, when everyone was friendly and cordial and more than willing to have you come take a look at the stream...

It turned out the Department of Natural Resources had closed the stream to bodily contact due to the level of e. coli in the water.

Ah, fieldwork, how I miss thee..
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