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Default Re: what's better, Size or numbers?

Hardy & Frank,

Neither of you fellas don't care if you catch a fish or not, but you still enjoy yourselves immensely when you don't. You might still go even if somehow you knew you weren't going to catch a fish. But that doesn't mean you don't care whether or not you catch fish. If catching fish is not a goal, why take a hook? Catching a fish is always the goal of a fisherman by definition. This was my point.

And I've read enough of both of your posts here to know that both of you put a lot of thought, time, effort, and craft into your fishing. You don't do that not to catch fish. It's just that catching fish is not the only thing that matters. It might not even be the most important thing about fishing for many of us. It's not for me. I have fished many days where I knew the possibility of getting skunked was greater than the possibility of catching something. But that doesn't truly mean I don't care whether or not I catch fish. I went with the hope and intention of beating the odds, but also knowing that I'd have a good day even if I didn't.

Also, I will say this: I can go help/teach others fish anytime and have a great time. And there are often times that I would rather do that than fish myself. But I'm not willing to just teach and never fish again! I can only go a few days of guiding or teaching before I have to get some "me time."
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