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Default Re: what rods do our youth use

Scotts V2 8'6 5 wt accompanied by Orvis Rocky Mountian reel
Orvis TLS power matrix 9' 8 wt with a beautiful silver Orvis Large Arbor Reel

I started with a crystal river 7'6 5 wt when i was really young, like when i was 4 years old. Since, I bought the Scotts a little over 7 years ago and i absolutely love it. It is one of those rods that you have taken everywhere and have grown attached too. I will probably cry when it breaks . The orvis TLS is newly aquired for my recent addiction to steelhead. It still has the "new" feel to it, which i am not a big fan of. But i think a couple seasons in and i will feel the same towards it as i do my scotts.
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