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Default Fly fishing in downtown Portland

I recently took up fly fishing and love this hobby. I try as much as possible to practice my casting. I'm here in Portland for the week and I decided to bring my fly rod and try some casting with the hope of catching a fish to be released. I went to Waterfront City Park and went down to the beach area in the southern end where the Marquam bridge is.

It was a nice peaceful time and I tried to read the Willamette River and get a sense of it. I could see the Submarine moored by OMSI on the other end of the river. I did not see anyone else out with a fishing rod (fly or not). I was out there at 3PM and it was a grey overcast day. Water temp was 46 degrees, little wind, a little murky, and a slow current headed northbound. I have a couple questions.

Are there fish in this part of the Willamette? LOL! The river looked really barren with no signs of wildlife except for the Canadian geese.

Can you fish in this section? No one bothered me and I saw no sign saying I could not but am just asking to be sure.

I don't have a car and am wondering if there are other bodies of water very close to downtown Portland that you may suggest I try out?

Thanks in advance!
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