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Default New Switch Rod or stay w/ 9' 8 weight?

I have been using a 9' 8 weight Orvis ZG Helios for salmon and steelhead in Lake Ontario tribs. My home waters are Irondequoit Creek and Sandy Creek with limited ocassional trips to Salmon River the Cat (maybe one of each per year).

The Irondequpit and Sandy are fairly small width bodies of water. The Salmon and Cat are much larger. However, all of them have some what limited back casting room. Most casts are roll casts. Although in certain areas even roll casts can be difficult do to the overhanging branches behind.

I have been reading about Switch rods but cannot decide if I should make the move. As it is, my right arm can become quite sore after a three or four hours of fishing. I think this is mostly caused from high lining.

Would I find a benifit with Switch rods relative to arm fatigue and back casting room? If I was to go with a switch rod would a 7 or 8 weight be best and what line I should use.

Thanks in advance,

Trout Bum
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