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Default Re: leaders and tippet material

Originally Posted by smog7 View Post
I am also a little mixed up as to where the leader ends, and where the tippet begins...
If you take a close look at your leader it tapers from very thick down to fine. The fine section toward the tip is the tippet. Hopefully you kept your package but if not when you pick more up take a look at the back. If I remember correctly there is usually a breakdown of how the leader is tapered including lengths and diameter of the tippet. You can use this to judge when it is time to add more. For instance you may have a 9ft 5x leader with 2ft of tippet. Based on this knowledge you can take a fairly good guess as to when your getting to your middle section and need to add tippet. Another more expensive way is to get a leader gauge that will show you when your getting into your to your mid section as well as help with rebuilding leaders if you get into that. I think they're about 20 bucks.
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