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Default Re: Fly fishing in downtown Portland

As far as the Willa-met goes, I will only refer you to page 18 of the ODFW regs. That should keep you away. And I apologize... I have a tendency to speed read threads, did not catch that yer just here for a week.
With an 8wt, normaly you would be lookin for some leftover Summer Steelhead... the Sandy or Clackamas would be yer best bet, and a quick check of their levels shows them way high due to the rain... doubt they will come down in a week given the forecast. Regular season for Trout is over around here... 'cept for something you might find in a lake.
So take in the sights, Art Musem, get a good book, play indoor games. Then plan to come back next August/September/October....invest in a 5 wt and some won't be sorry
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