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Default Re: Looking for camping/fishing info on GSMNP

EHC, Funny you should ask. I love to fish the GSMNP. There are so many streams that its hard to pick one. If you don't want to stray far from the road then the Little River from the Sugarlands Visitor Center to the Townsend exit is good. Also the Little river above and below Elkmont Campground if there isn't a "tube" hatch going on. In Cade's Cove, Abrams Creek is good. On the NC side, the Oconaluftee near Cherokee is road accessible. I'm planning on doing some camping/fishing up there during the early months next year (I love cold weather). If you want to hike and fish theres plenty of that too. I recommend that you get a copy of Don Kirk's Fly Fishing the Smoky Mountains, a National Geographic GSMNP trail map and also vist the park web site for up to date info on fishing and camping regs. You'll also need either a TN or NC fishing lic. Don
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