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Question Teaching a child to fly fish - questions

My Grandson is 8 years old. This past spring I bought him an ultralight spinning rig and took him fishing for brim a few times and he loved it. I'd like to introduce him to fly fishing but am not sure where to start, or if I should start with one this young. I started my Son at the age of 12 by taking him to Choo Choo Fly and Tackle in Chattanooga. Bought him one of the Orvis 5 wt Green Mt. Far & Fine sets and left him with the owner, Les Kirk for about 4 hours while I made some business calls. When I got back he was casting better than me. Don't know if this approach would work or if I should put the 5 wt F&F in his hands and try to teach him myself. Maybe I need to wait a couple of years. Suggestions welcome. Don Ps: Can anyone tell me how to separate paragraphs when composing a post? On most forums, "enter" will do it, but apparently no here.
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