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Default Re: Teaching a child to fly fish - questions

I wish I could help out with some advice, but I'm not a good teacher. I'm waiting to hear some other folks chime in too.

I've been teaching my 14 year old son to fly fish. It's been somewhat frustrating. Fish seem to be repelled by his fly, even when his presentation is good. He is getting a bit discouraged. I know how he feels, because I fished a lot as a kid and never caught anything. So, when we are done fishing, we always go out and get ice cream or go to a movie together or something else like that to make sure that the day ends on a good note. It must work because he still keeps going with me, even though he never catches anything.

I'm waiting for the weather to warm a bit, and for some good hatch action before I take him out again. Next time, I want him to have some success. I'm sure if he can hook some fish, that he will also get hooked.
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