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Default Re: My huge material score

Thanks guys! I have been working hard to get these materials. I have also gotten some other from Feather-craft but its all stuff i can't harvest right now

Originally Posted by fyshstykr View Post
I'm wanting to do some dying this winter so I have the word out with friends and family members for mallard flank feathers and pheasant skins. Plus I'm eye ballin' the neighbors guinea hens. lol!
My cousin picked up a few guinea feathers while trying to catch a pheasant at the farm. He said he was going to pick up some turkey feathers for me next time he was there.
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Originally Posted by mcnerney View Post
quackhead35: Very nice score on fly tying materials! Now you need to go out an get a pheasant. Another great source for tying materials is EBay.
Last year Aroostookbasser sent me a muskrat pelt that I have had fun tying with. I made out like a bandit when Jimmie sent me some great fly tying materials he had a chance to pickup recently at a fly club auction. It's great having friends that you meet through this forum. Then awhile back JP from France sent me some great Limousine feathers that have an awesome shine......their so pretty I'm almost afraid to use them.

My cousin is trying to get one of the pheasants from the farm for me but I still have half a tail left so I'm not in a rush. There is a guy at the local fly shop that has something like that from europe that are super nice and I couldn't see using them either lol

Originally Posted by fish_gypsy View Post
That's a good stash of material, quackhead. I have ten squirrel skins and a couple moleskins that are drying right now, and there's a couple rabbits in the backyard that may disappear shortly...

I've been out a half dozen times duck hunting this weekend, but have yet to nail anything aside from a couple ringnecks and shovelers. I'm hoping to change that this week, hopefully. Good luck!
I have been working hard on trying to get a rabbit and squirrel but haven't seen any of them while hunting.

I've shot 22 ringsnecks this year which is the most I have gotten in a season and its not even half over. The blind I have been hunting out of has produced a vast amount of rings and bluebills this year. I did snag a few feathers and a wing from them just incase. The warm weather up north with all that water isn't helping. They dont have a reason to fly down here yet.
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