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Default North Fork of the White River- 11/20 and 11/21

I went down with a bunch of regulars from the shop for a weekend trip to the North Fork of the White River in southern Missouri. Fishing was pretty decent, lots of fun all around!

Saturday I set out in a borrowed personal pontoon boat, floating from Patrick Bridge Access downstream to James Bridge. We floated from about 10:30 am to 4:30 in the afternoon, and I brought a half-dozen or so browns to the boat, all about 12-13 inches long, on Pat's rubberleg stoneflies. I LDR'ed a couple more because I couldn't figure out the braking mechanism on the pontoon boat, and drifted helplessly downstream as the fish went the opposite direction. The biggest I saw was around 14 inches. I did have something scary big break me off 3x tippet, on a big sculpin pattern I was swimming through a deep, bouldery pool.

Sunday I fished out of a friend's drift boat, through the same section as the day before. Had another good day fishing Pat's Rubberlegs. I boated a half-dozen fish, the biggest being a pair of 15 inch browns, and LDR'ed three or four more. Most of the fish came on the big stonefly, but I caught one on an egg dropper and another on a soft hackle.

The big plus was the weather- in the low to mid seventies towards the end of November! I was fishing in short-sleeves and a pair of cheap Cabela's waders, and sweating! It was absolutely gorgeous.
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