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Default Re: Post Turkey Day Swap

Originally Posted by peregrines View Post
Ok so far we have room for 5 more folks:

1. Ohfisherman
2. Arfishinbear
3. Webrx
4. Brandy
5. Fish gypsy
6. Quackhead35
7. peregrines

Let's give it till the end of this week Dec 5, to see who else signs up.

Due date is Jan 10 2010-- I'll send my address out to everyone once we finalize the folks in the swap.

Again- flies can be anything for trout and panfish-- and if you want to mix it up and tie some different flies instead of all the same thing, that's Ok too-- your choice.

Thanks again to Ohfisherman for the idea for this swap!
Oh thats almot a great day minus 24 hrs! lol but works out looks like i'll get a late bday present. I am already excited to see what everyone else ties up

I am already working on my flies. I tied a few up but am going to try them out before hand on atleast some slabs and maybe some trout if I can ever get out. Actually I just looked and already tied up 12 this afternoon and will tie up a few more tonight.

Also the 10th is a Sunday just in case you didn't know.
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