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Default Re: Fly Fishing Retailer show heading for a new home in 2010

That's basically the sentiment at my local shop- the trade show is nice to meet up with friends and see some products you probably wouldn't see otherwise. But the regional reps are more or less on top of keeping the employees informed of new products and issues, so the trade show is more or less an excuse to get out and do some fishing for a week.

As an aside, I get a fair amount of stuff secondhand from my local shop employees- typically freebies and samples from vendors at the show. I'm not slamming anybody, but alot of the products, tying-wise, are similar to products already on the market, just a different name. In that sense, it's hard for a shop owner to have two of the same items, with different names or manufacturers, competing with each other.

I'd still like to see one of those shows if I get the chance, though : )
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