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Default Hello from New Zealand

Hi everyone,
I am originally from Georgia.
I came to New Zeland in 2002 to expand my work experience as a taxidermist. I married and now living here .
My husband is from New Zealand. We are both taxidermists and work from a studio at home.
Mammals are what we mount the most and actually just to busy to add in fish mounting.
I have always used a spinner for trout fishing and had good success with it.
But a few days ago my husband bought himself a new fly rod and gave me his old one in case I ever wanted to experiment with it.
I started with it yesterday and was hooked. Love It! Today we went to the local hunting shop and I got a new fly rod.
It felt quite different than the old one and it took me a long time this evening to get the "feel of it.
I have retired my spinner and concentrating on getting better with my casting. It is summer time here and trout are plentiful everywhere. We are lucky that the rivers are only 10 minutes from the house. So by 5pm we are off to the river to de-stress from a long days work in the shop.
The forum looks great and am looking forward to learning everything and anything fly fishing from your group.
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