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Default Re: Hello from New Zealand

I thought the same, my hubby knows he has created a monster when the second day out I told him I wanted to tie my own flies. Good part is a parttime worker and friend is a excellent fly tier, so I am going to corner him for some lessons, LOL
He showed me how he did it one time and I was facinated unknown to my knowledge that in a months time I would be fly fishing.
I have a lot of detemination like yesterday when I couldn't get the line to feed out and I told them they had set it up with too light onf a line. A
Finally after seeing me stuggle and refused to give up just trying to get this line out for 4 hours, later......the men gave it a try and now agree yes I did know what I was talking about, Men!
So today .......we are about to leave to go to the river and I will drop by the fishing shop and Dave will have me a change out reel ready with heavier line.
Glad to see a women on board here. I have so much to I know where to turn to! Thank You
Living in New Zealand but my hearts still in Georgia
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