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Default Re: What's in your winter fly box

Now this being my first Trout season that i've fly fished for I carry a little more than I should.

In my main box:
Zebra midges in about 9 colors
JUJUBEE midges in about 4 colors
gold-ribbed hare's ear with my twist to them
wolly buggers in about 4 colors and 4 sizes
griffith's gnats

In my other box is the ones I have either just tied up or ones I want to try out which are:
mircale nymph
blue midge
deep blue poison
grizzyly king
Brassies w/ my twist to them
Doc brat's
parchute adams

I have a few others that i am going to try and tie up before my next trip this weekend like the superman, green arrow, batman and robin.

I also carry a few eggs and nuclear eggs just in case but they are last ditch effort if nothing else works. Oh and 2 different types of mice that are kept in the truck just in case.

Bad thing is that the closest waters is about an hour and half away so I tend to overpack which is a good thing i guess.
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