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Default Newbie questions

I'm just getting into flyfishing and am looking at a combo. I don't want to spend a lot of money starting out. I'll be fishing for crappies, bluegills, largemouth, and smallmouth, but I'm only going to buy 1 outfit so I'm thinking of a 5wt. Would a 5wt be fine? Also could you suggest a few commercial flies for these species of fish? What about floating or sinking line and brand of line? Can you use regular fishing line as a leader? I was thinking of this combo from basspro White River Fly Shop™ Hobbs Creek™ Large Arbor Disc Drag Outfits. The rod is a IM-6, does that mean 6wt? Also when fighting fish do you bring them in by bringing in line with the hand, or do you reel them in? Sorry for all the questions but thanks for all the help.
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