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Default Re: Redfish in Louisiana Marshes?

Right on! I had bought a box of Salt Water hooks which were 1/0. I had started tieing clousers on them and some other patterns. I had figured that I was only going to be able to fish for 2 maybe 3 days while I'm there so I wasn't going to get carried away on buying saltwater hooks because of the price. Then I realized that I wasn't really being rational thinking that way and going there with a bunch of 1/0 flys could cost me not to catch any fish or few if any. So I started tieing smaller stuff on fresh water hooks. I figured since I'm only going to be there for maybe 3 days on the water, the fresh water hooks won't matter as far as the fly lasting, plus if I pop one off, it will rust out and relieve the fish much sooner then the saltwater hook.
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