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Default what to do with all the streamers

I was looking for some help. My grandfarther was leo murray of Millinocket Maine. He tied flys for years - 1920s 30s, 40s, 50s. He was a Maine state licenced guide for the baxter park area. He use to do sporting shows in Maine and sell flys by the hundreds. His name on the fly card read L G Murray. I have a couple hundred of these trout, and salmon streamers still like new. little ones, big ones, two hooks, three hooks, four hooks, great colors and great detail, some have funny names. They are all on cards and are all old as he died in 1964 and did not tie flys for a number of years before he died. I have a news paper artical showing this and my mom say,s people all over new England, US and some from over sea's would buy his fly's. They would write to him and he would tie them special for them. The question is what to do with them all and of coures his book or sales catalog book. Some of the flys I cant even find there names anywhere. They are going to die if not in the right hands any help would be great. Thanks GVC

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