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Default Re: what to do with all the streamers

Thank you for all the info --Pocono I looked at the fly you mentioned it seems to be one of them. I have found an article (the katahdin regions flytying pros) This is the Katahdin Times news paper dated April 3rd 2001 by Bill Levesque From millinocket Maine --It has a lot of info and says Quote-Probably the most notable tier of the 50s was Leo Murray Proficient fly tier and custom rod builder. He had a shop on Elm street in Millinocket out of his home. His flies and rods where high in demand from people through out the state of Maine. The article also mentions Carrie Stevens, Bobby Goodwin, Pappy Gallagher, Patty Nugent, Alvin Theriault, Gregg Butch Barker, George Trout Murphy, Joe Brickham, Bubba Davis, and Jim Thibodeau. The article was a special in the news paper. The photo shows Leo Murray at a sportsman show in the fifties with all the flys plus tons of birds on the back wall in which the feathers came from. It show the book I have also. Leo is set up and tying for people. He was in a wheelchair from a earlyer car accident. I think I will try to get these in the hands of collectors -- I will post a few so you can see how they are and I will scan this article at the office next week and post it so you all can see what I mean. Unfortunatly I'm not a fly fishing person. I will see what the future brings. I spend my time digging grouper in the gulf as I live in Florida. Thanks
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