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Default Re: Tailwater Open?

After that kind of description, how could I not want to go?

Seriously though, it seems like a nice tailwater creek to fish, without the business of Deckers or Cheeseman. I'm going to explore the upper portions from the reservoir and the bottom from Canon City, then, once the runoff is down, I'll take a couple days to hike it all the way through.

My Wife is always care taker of my literary for any trip into the woods with a full contingency plan timeline, I try and be as responsible as possible.

After doing some ice fishing for the first time today (caught some stockers that went into the freezer for a fish fry stockpile), I talked to some guys that hinted a certain man-made stream that flows into a high reservoir up here is open and low enough to fish, so I'm going to take my new 8'6" #4 up there and try and catch some wild ones.
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