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Default Re: Newbie questions

I started off with a cheap Cortland combo which I still have and it served it's purpose at the time. I was at the Denver flyfishing show and the Winston Rep roped me into looking at their rods. He keep pushing a $550.00 rod on me and laying it on thick about how it was the best rod out there. After I had enough, I looked him in the eyes and asked, "Is that rod going to catch me more fish?" Then I got "uha uha no!" So I then asked him what the benifit was for me to drop down $550.00. He had no answer and he left me alone.

Then I went on for another 6 months or so thinking that a more expensive rod was a waste of money. One day a friend offered me a Orvis Rod in exchange for some work around his house. It was a brand new Trident TLS 9ft 5wt. So we made a deal. Then I soon found out what all the hype was about with these more expensive rods. 1st, it was much lighter and very noticable after a day on the river, and then I instantly gained another 15 to 20 ft. on my cast. Yes, the more expensive rods do help to cast better because of the material they use in them. That TLS and a Ross Evolution are my main rig. I also have a TFO 7wt and a Pflueger Trion that I use lake fishing sometimes and I will use for saltwater this summer. The newest to my collection is a 4wt TLS and a mid arbor Battenkill that I got for my birthday which I hope to try out for the first time this weekend.

You still have to live within your means. Will the expensive rods catch you more fish? Probably not, but you will enjoy casting it more.

Give a man a fish, he will have dinner. Teach a man to fish and he will be late for dinner. Quote by Someone. *L*
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