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Default Re: The War in Heaven

Hi Dan,
I guess I'm knieve about people who want to stop us from fishing. I don't know anyone who does. I do know about indivduals that polute our lakes and streams with liter and trash, I've known about acid rain, I know about city sewer systems allowing sewage to flow directly into streams when their equipment malfunctions. I know about oil, gas and shale oil miners drilling methods that polute our rivers, lakes and streams. I know about poachers, and underfunded state dnr bugets that let allow crimes againist fish and water go unpunished.
I've seen the bait and spin fishermen snag and catch my beloved Steelhead, put them on a stringer and dragged from one pristeen pool to the next. The only pleasure most of them get is to brag to their buddies about how many they took home.
Maybe in some ways I'm an elitist about my trout, catch and release and quality of water, but we flyfishers can and do stick together on things that matter. I think disagreements between us are healthy.
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