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Default Re: Spring Fishing at Bennett Spring and Maramec Spring in MO

Expect a crowd.

Dries- Elk hair caddis (tan and olive, #14-16), Griffith's gnat, small (18-20) parachute adams, crackleback (14-16). May want to throw in some BWO's, Hendricksons, and Cahills just in case.

Nymphs- Pheasant tail Nymph (#14-20), Caddis larvae and pupae(#14-20), Pat's Rubberleg Stonefly (#4-8), Prince Nymph/Zug Bug (#10-16), scuds, San Juan Worms, egg patterns.

Streamers- Wooly bugger- black, ginger, olive (#6-10), Mohair Leech- olive and ginger (#6-10), Crayfish patterns in sizes 6 and 8.

That should round you out.
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