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Default Re: Spring Fishing at Bennett Spring and Maramec Spring in MO

I would first pick which park you want to go to. Bennett is a good hour and ahalf or so drive from the mac if I remember correctly. Now Montauk is about 20 miles south from Mac. I have a few buddies that fish all of them and Mac and Montauk are their favorite spots. Bennett gets pounded hard in the summer season from what everyone says.

I have only fished at Maramec as I am new to trout, and i've only fished in the Catch and release winter season going on right now. But from what I have learned from the local shop and my buddies always carry some small BWO, Hares ears, and a few nymphs and dries in 18-22's as they still are good patterns for summer. I'm not sure on the terrestrials are good for april.
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