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Default Atlantic salmon Fishing in Scotland - Youtube Video

Since my first trip to Spey in 1993 , most used sentence related to Salmon fishing on all Scottish Salmon rivers was : Fishing can be very good here...if conditions are right.

I fished Spey , Tweed , Dee , Thurso , Brora and other famous rivers during the last 17 years , always dreaming about the day when conditions will be perfect. Without big expectations , I visited Tweed last year , ready for another flood , or low water , or falling pressure ,or whatever...
When I arrived to Edinburgh (after overnight flight from New York) I was told that gale force winds are expected next day...and almost made decision to turn back and catch first plane back to London and then to US. Almost...

Next day , I landed 11 salmon up to 25lb , lost 2 or 3 more...

Wind and rain have been relentless whole day , with short periods of sun . Scottish wether at its best.
I fished Tillmouth beat on river Tweed , used sink tip , with Red Frances or Black Bear Red Butt.
As always , video camera was with me and my guide was nice enough to record some of the action. Please take a look at Tweed video I just placed on my video channel on Youtube. Enjoy.


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