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Default Re: open water streams within a 3 hour ride from chicago

Try Burns Ditch, in Indiana, or any of the many other tributaries that either flow to, or away from Lake Michigan. If you go to the Bass Pro Shop store in Burns Harbor/Portage, In., then you are within only minutes of fishing for Lake trout, Brown trout, Salmon, etc. And about 30 miles or so into the state of Michigan, there is the St. Joe river, it too, is home to the roving population of trout & salmon of Lake Michigan. Even the Grand Calumet River has at least twenty-two species of fish that call this polluted channel used for municipal/industrial wastewater discharge, home. The salmon swim up into the East Chicago, In. wastewater discharge to spawn in the fall of the year, then die after accomplishing their task. I'm sure that other municipalities are also utilizing the Grand Calumet River for the same reasons.
And there are many other species that you could fish for if you're not hung up on only catching trout, but I'm not sure that I'd want to be eating any of them from this body of water. Same goes for the Illinois River.
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