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Default Re: Gettin a new fly reel

I like to tend toward the larger size reels, especially if you'll be doing any bass fishing. If you hook into a 5 or 6 pound bass, you'll want to fight him "on the reel", meaning reeling in the line directly, rather than pulling it in with your free hand. (Stripping it in, pinching it against the rod with a finger of your rod hand, then stripping in som emore line. That works fine for smaller fish, and is actually quite fun.) When fighting a fish on the reel, if it makes a run towards you, you'll have to crank like mad with a small reel, since the spool turns only once per turn of the handle, and small reels don't pull in much line per turn. A size II Battenkill mid arbor, with the correct amount of backing behind the fly line, will do fine.Also, the smaller reels will make more coils in your line. Not an issue with a good quality line, but might be with a cheap line or in cold temps.Take the money you save on the reel deal mentioned above, and get a really nice line like the Cortland 555 Dyna Tip or others in that price range. Lots of good line reviews on this site.
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