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Default Re: US Youth Fly Fishing Team

Gentlemen, I'm not looking to start a debate here. I realize competitive fly fishing is not for everyone, but it does appeal to many fishermen, particularly the kids. I am afraid your negative comments will discourage some from learning more about this facet of the sport. Most folks do not understand what competitive fly fishing is all about, but once they witness a true competition, they realize their objections are unfounded.
As for European rules taking fun out of everything; some of the fishing is done with "Czech nymphing" techniques. Yes, that can be tedious, but effective. However, the development of other skills including dry fly and streamer presentations are taught and used as well. In most events, a deep water venue is included which uses new skills for fishing out of a boat with fly tackle. Most Americans do not do this regularly and are not taught how. But the kids will learn the methods used and start catching trout in deep water.
I encourage you to visit our website and look at some of the photos of the kids competing. They are serious flyfishermen and live for this stuff. The kids we have on the team will one day be the leaders of our sport. Many will work in the flyfishing industry as reps or tackle designers, etc. Some will become authors of books and articles about the sport and so on. These are very dedicated anglers who are proud to represent their country on the international stage. They are true ambassadors of our country and our sport.
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