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HELP!! South Carolina trout fishing!!!!

I moved down to Lexington, SC about 3 months ago. I have a creek running from a small lake behind my house and the creek is 12 miles long, hence the name 12 Mile Creek, but I can only fish about 2-2 1/2 miles of it because the wood cover is so thick. I fished about 2 miles of the creek and only caught one small sand trout?!?! I am about 15 minutes away from Lake Murray but I don't like to fish lakes at all. I went exploring and saw the Saluda River, which looks like you can't take a step in it without being up to your neck in water. So the questions I have are these: Is there anyone from my area on here? Does anyone know of any other small streams or wadeable spots on the rivers around here?
I am very big on wading while fly fishing and am going crazy with just one creek to fish. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank You Guys.
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