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Default Re: Montana Trip Advice

Originally Posted by fish_gypsy View Post

I'd suggest picking up John Holt's books on fly fishing in Montana. He covers both sides of the Divide in pretty good detail, and gives you a good idea of a number of rivers, creeks, and lakes, feasibility of access, species present, patterns, nearby towns- basically all the options which would be available to you. IMO opinion some of the best money you'll spend if you're trying to plan a trip up there.


I just purchased Holt's book on Eastern Montana. Thanks for the tip. Got it for $12 used on Amazon. We figure we might up the bet and spend 4 or even 5 full days in Bozeman. Madison, Gallatin, Yellowstone, a spring or feeder creek or something like that. I'd rather fish than drive and it looks like there is tons of great fishing within 90 minutes drive.

Questions for all: I was thinking 6 weight for streamers and a 5 weight for dries and hoppers. Keep them both rigged up. Does this sound about right?

Any killer patterns anyone can suggest? Especially hoppers or streamers.

A Bozeman fly shop you might recommend for just flies and info? Good places to get a burger and beer (yes we do stop to eat and match the barley hatch now and again)

Also, am I correct? The laws in Montana state that the river bottom up to the high water mark is public? As long as I access the river at a public spot, I can wade and walk its banks as much as I want? Does this apply to all moving water?

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