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Default Re: Fishing From Shore

I'm fortunate that I live near a large resevoir (Old Hickory Lake) in Tennesee. We have 440 miles of shoreline, with many boat ramps, parks, etc., 4 of them within 5 minutes of my house. I keep a 5 weight rod behind the seat of my pickup, and I often will hit one of the boat ramps at lunchtime or in the evenings when I've got a little time to fish, but not enough time to mess with a boat.I found that fishing from shore has improved my casting, since in some places I need to roll cast, or side-arm cast parallel to the shore, to keep from getting hung up in the trees behind me. I'd often catch a dozen or more bluegills and a bass or two in an hour's time. It's expecially good in the early spring when the back bays warm first. If there's a small stream intering the lake that's even better, and the run off water is usually warmer than the lake.
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