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Default Re: Kansas City Cabela's

Rain -

Yes the others are just repeats of the hand furled demo, just saving typing strokes.

Yes, you can cast them as you end up with a 4-strand butt section, 2-strand mid section leader, and single strand tippet tied with a bimini twist (or perfection loop). So it is tapered enough to cast by hand.

I won't argue the point that those furled with jigs and having more than one step down are more tapered and therefore easier to cast without a rod. They likely are. But, I can build leaders on my flats boat as long as I have a spool of mono, if I have to. No storage problem here!

I'm not down on jig furled leaders, but we're minimalists (in spite of having about 50 fly rods between us) so if we can do something simply, and make it work for us, we'll probably do it.

Then again, I'm sitting here sipping a very fine India Pale Ale that I brewed myself by crushing the grain, soaking it in hot water for an hour, rinsing it into a kettle, boiling for an hour, draining into a large bucket, adding yeast, waiting two weeks, siphoning into a keg, chilling, adding CO2, and dispensing into a glass, when I could have just bought a 6 pack, opened a bottle, and pouring, so maybe we're not minimalists in all respects. But brewing is a lot more fun and satisfying than buying it!

Look forward to seeing you there. Be sure to check back with me, or with the store for the actual seminar times.

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