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Default Re: Learning Drift Boat Tactics ??

Missed this the first time through. Rowing a drift boat and rowing a drift boat well are 2 entirely different things. One of my fishing buddies can row (we don't usually hit anything) but the boat is always turned wrong, going too fast or slow, or too far or too close to the bank. I think he does it so he won't have to take his turn. As for learning how row correctly there are a few different avenues.

The best being your guide friend. Have him come along (or take a guided trip and pay attention to his rowing, it will be worth the $$$) and I'm sure he will steer you straight. Nothing like learning while you do it. It is also very difficult describing in text (and reading for that matter) some of the little subtleties of rowing.

The next best would be the DVDs and videos that are out by Hyde and Clack. You can get them by contacting either of them. If you have trouble let me know. Hyde is made just down the road and there is a Clack dealership in town also. I would be happy to help out.

The third option are books. I looked and I was suprised that I had no books written about rowing a drift boat. I know they are out there as I read a couple years ago. I would either go to Amazon or your local flyshop. My flyshop has a catalog of outdoor books listed by topic. I hope this helps (you could always come out and I'll just show you how) and enjoy your boat. You picked a nice one.

Another option I just thought of are the expos. Every year there is at least one class on rowing at ours, but it does take place on the banks of the Snake.
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