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Default Best fly fishing glasses?

Hi all, new here.

I have been struggling with my fly fishing glasses. I have two pairs of Costa Del Mar glasses, one the light brown lenses and the other grey.

I do a lot of river fishing with overhanging branches that create shadow conditions and also fish in strong sunshine. I also fish a lot of tiny flies in chop or shoal water with a lot of white water.

The brown lenses from Costa work very well in overcast light and I can see inside the water. They do not work at all in low light, too dark. They also don't do a good enough job during bright light.

The grey are really useless other than sun glasses or when deep sea fishing/surf casting so I just use them when at the beach.

I have excellent vision (better than 20/20) with a slight stigmatism. But I will be standing beside a buddy overlooking a river and he will be pointing out fish that I simply can't see. It seems I have a real trouble with the glare off the water.

I just ordered a polarchromic amber set of polarized glasses (Chamber model) from Smith. I figured that keeping the polarization would help me but the amber colored lenses wouldn't decrease the light I can see.

Anyone else have any experience with Smith amber colored lenses?

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