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Default Re: Best fly fishing glasses?

i am a Costa Del mar their glasses used to rep for them for a while....i like the amber colored lenses for low light...the grey is more for high light times and the brown is kind of in the middle so to speak...they also make some Blue and Green mirrored lenses that are very nice but i still normally always go to the Amber for about evrything unless it is very bright out.....everyones eyes are a little diffrent and one person might not see the same as the is to find a good dealer that you have there and try on a lot of choices...pick a time to go look when its low light if possible and try them...thats about the best way to do it and most good dealers will let you do that......another thing is to go with the 580 lenses...they are quite a bit more $$ wise and are a little heavier due to being made of glass and not a polymer like the other lenses but they are much much better lenses
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