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Default Re: Best fly fishing glasses?

Originally Posted by Frank Whiton View Post
Hi flyflinger,

You will find that the yellow will increase contrast and may help you. The are best in cloudy conditions. You need to make sure that 100 percent of UV is blocked. Glass is not a good choice for fishing with weighted flies or split shot. Unless they are built for shooting they won't be impact resistant. To help reduce the glare you need mirrored lens.

Rip Tide makes a very important point. It may be you are looking for the wrong things. No lens is going to make the fish stand out in bold outline. You need to be looking for shadows, moving tails and fins or anything unusually. A group of fish will look different that one or two fish. Next time your friend or a guide can see a fish and you can't, have him help you see what he is seeing. Knowing exactly where a fish is located will help you see it.

Another trick you can try is to tilt your head from side to side slowly to see if you can eliminate more glare. If tilting doesn't make any difference turn your head slowly from side to to side. How the light strikes your lens makes a difference in how well the polarization works. That is why mirrored lens help to reduce some of the glare.

I Agree with what Frank said......i come more from a Bass Fishing background not to long ago and in the spring time we sight fished a lot here....knowing what your looking for is 80% of the battle when looking for fish......the mirrored lenses will help a huge ammount....for me as far as Costa Del Mars go i used 580 lenses with blue mirror they give kind of a greenish tint and for my eyes they were great in almost all light conditions they also have a Green mirror lense as well....i will say i have no affiliation at all with Costa Del Mar but used to and still believe in their products 100% and that is the olny style of glasses i wear now....the glasses that i have now are the Tropic Star models....not the high end at all but i like them because they come with 3 colored lenses and i can change the lenses out in about a minute when the light changes
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