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Default Re: ordered me some more gettin there

Originally Posted by flatslandercp View Post
Good to see you chose the Mustad signature series hooks. I'm a circle hook guy, and just when we joined Mustad Pro Staff, they discontinued the C51S freshwater circles. Those were my favorites. I have several hundred to keep me in business for a while. The C71S-SS stainless steel saltwater version is still available, but only down to size 10. The C51 went down to 16s.

I also got several hundred 39951BLs Demon Circle hooks to try out. They don't have a long shank, but I've adapted many of my carp patterns to the shorter shank, and they seem to be working.

Good luck, and keep buying those Mustad hooks!
Mustad has been all i have ever used with my flies and never had a problem...never caught a ton of fish but have a few and never had a problem with them and the price is good on them i think so ill keep usin them
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