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Default B-day wish list

Hey guys,
I have a problem with my wife has no idea what to get me for my Birthday and i do not want her to spend too much money for it as i have eveything i want in her. now i do need hooks, CDC, (want a few rite bobbins) ect, ect, but that is a little to specific for me to let her surprise me without either me putting it in an online basket or her getting the wrong items. So does anyone have a good review for a leader tying kit. other than that i think she will get me an xbox 360, all is good i want to play Fornza 3 racing sim. BUT i do not want her spending that much on me as i will not be able to spend that on her so any FF'ing simple and effective suggestions would be appretiated BTW i have till Wed 3 Feb.
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