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Default Re: patagonia products

i plan on getting the watermaster. from the looks of it they are way tougher. The patagonia rep said they are made of tougher material. like i said before the light weight ones i had were tough. i also didnt metion that i got those waders 2 years ago. I know simms only fix them with in a year for free. The guy was gonna patch them up then i could return them in the spring for a new pair. The new redisined waders are coming out in the spring. so they are really cool. They dont want you to go with out a pair of waders. I own a pair of patagonia wading shoes as well. they have fallen apart (stiching came apart on one shoe) but i wont be sending them in because im looking to get a pair of simms with the vibram soles. My shoes fell apart cause i go fishing about 2-3 time a week, wade for miles. I also wade like a retard. I fall at least 2 times a trip.
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