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Default Re: Favorite number of rod pieces?

I like the four piece best; it packs nice when I take it down, but when I want to leave the reel and line on and break it down for a short jaunt or drive to the next stream, I just take it apart in the middle and it becomes a 2 piece. I bought a 3 piece rod on sale a few years ago, and I almost sold it later because when I left it strung and took the tp piece off, the tip didn't come all the way to the reel and it sort of flopped around. I'm so glad it didn't hit the reserve price on eBay; now I realize that as a rather stiff 6 weight, and only 8 ft long, it works great on streams for smallmouths. It handles my 7 weight sink tip lines and/or weighted smallmouth streamers just fine for the shorter casts involved, and it's a lot lighter and easier to cast than my 7 weight 9 ft Orvis rod.
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