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Default Re: Joining the Fray from NOVA

Thanks for the welcome!
More pics to come for sure.

Originally Posted by axle27 View Post
YO, STIX!!!!

Been trying to get in touch with ya....Jonesin' to go fishing....we gotta hook up and fling some midges or something. Got my 3wt rigged and ready to go.
I hear ya Axle,I'm jonesing too...

Congrats on the 3 weight!
Perfect for the Park streams.
Watcha end up getting?

The sad part bro,is that with all the snow and rain we had lately,and not to mention this coming big storm,
I fear the creeks may be blown out,let alone getting access to them...
My poor Brookies.

Guess we could hit Redbud when the roads are clear,let me know your schedule and we'll make it happen.

Soon my friend,soon.

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