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Default Re: What flies to use this time of year

I believe flyfishnflowers is wrong! I have fished Bennett Spring for many years and I can tell you that they do NOT feed the trout with beetles. They use commercial pellet trout food in the hatchery and once the trout are stocked into the Spring stream or the Niangua river they do not feed the fish at all.

Make sure you check the regulations, during the winter catch and release season the entire stream is limited to flies only, and not everything sold as a fly is legal for fishing there. For example, no soft plastics allowed, so if you use foam beetles there, make sure they do not have any rubber legs, that will make them illegal.

Best bet is to check with Readings Fly Shop or with Weaver Tackle, both within a mile of the entrance to the State Park. Good luck.

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By the way - the Missouri State Park winter trout catch and release season ends next Monday 2/8/10. Opening day of the regular trout season is 3/1/10.
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