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Default Re: What flies to use this time of year

Originally Posted by luked View Post
this might be a pretty open question but im hopeing to head out this weekend to try my hand at trying to learn how to do this what kind of flies should i be using this time of year when its cold......ill be fishing for Trout in a coldwater spring/ is bennet springs MO...i saw the thread here that has been goin but not really nothing pertaining to what to use this time of gonna try and see if i can call some of the fly shops down in that area to ask them to see but was wondering what all some of you would suggest

Not sure if you've already gone, but-

Mohair Leeches- Ginger, Olive, and brown, sizes 8-10
San Juan Worms- Red, Tan
Eggs/glo-ball patterns
Copper Johns- Copper, Chartreuse, Red
Pheasant Tail Nymphs
Scuds in Olive, Gray, and Pink
Griffith's Gnat
Midge dries- Cream, dun, and black

That should set you up pretty well for this time of year
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