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Default Re: what did you tie today

Originally Posted by webrx View Post
I am working on prince nymphs for the kids swap, Chris was stuck on the play station and did not want to tie today (until it was bed time, then anything to stay up longer).

I have tied up 6 PNs, but only 3 I think are swap material, a couple I got the wings upside down on, not sure how, maybe my eyes are getting old (older), a couple I got the wings too long.

I made the choice to tie these as my part of the swap because I felt I needed practice at tying in biots and, so far, have proven that. I will fish all of these, and pass a couple on to my buddy - they are fishable, maybe not perfect, but in a current, I think they will still work.

I know the feeling on the Goose biots....them things kick my rear too...cant ever seem to get them the way i want.
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