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Default Re: anyone deal with Anvil vises before?

just thought i would update ya'll on this so ya know....i never did recieve an email responce from Anvil and kind of had forgot about it and i thought about it today and called them...they said they have had a few issues in the past with the Jaw assy on the Apex vise and that it was a warrentied part even though the conditions of the problem with it being left in my garage and they said they will send me a new jaw rebuild kit in the mail i am pretty happy with the service from we shall see how it all works out.....pretty pleased so far with them...been lookin and getting a Rotary here some time and after this im thinkin i might have to look at the Anvil Atlas

anyways jsut thought i would let ya know what happened with it if you run into someone else with a problem
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