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Hi my User name is FlySlinger my real name is Frank W Zervos
I guess I am Introducing myself.. I think I would have introduced my self a while ago, but I am not to swift with a computer you should have seen what a tough Time I Had posting some of my photo' I almost gave up...I sent this once before and it just vanished.... Because I don't know where I am sending this.....Any way I will tell you a little about myself....I am a West Virginian....I am a born raised Hillbilly....I Lived Quit a While in Rutherford NJ Where I took my first fly Tying lessons
in Clifton NJ, TU sponsored This... What fond Memories I Have from that time...Made many friends some have just Drifted away with the Wind....I was most strongly Influence in my Flytying By Winnie and Mary Dette, and Joe Messinger This a Different Story...Every time I would go and Visit in Roscoe, I would go over to the House on cottage street I Think I was a pain in the butt ....Hmm I wonder if Mary still remembers me...I Gave Her Two Hair Bugs If you where to remind her of those I am sure she would remember me....I gave her a Messinger Frog and a Poor Bills Whampous Cat.....Yea I can't see her not remembering that......LOL Well I hope she is still doing well....

Then I moved back home to West Virginia and I Have been tying Fly's ever since....

I hope to tye for you fellows If the Good Lord is willing for quite a while If I may

I better go because I am talking your Ears off... as we say in WV....

Talk To You Later

Frank W Zervos
In our family, there is no clear line between religion and fly fishing" Norman Maclean
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