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Default Orvis Rant

Hello !!!

This is my first post here (i have been a lurker for a while) and I'm sorry it is a negative one, but here it is.
Approximately 2 weeks ago I got the Orvis News and Sale flier in the mail they had the Battenkill Large arbor reel V listed on clearence for $69.00 Reg price $229.00 . I called them and was told that they did not go on sale until 12:00am march 1st but the representative said they showed that they had 72 black ones and 20 some gold ones. Last Sunday Feb 25, and this is important, I looked up the catalog # on their website and it said they were unavailable so I called their 24hr customer service line at 4:00 am and was told by the machine that they were closed until 7:00am est, I looked up their other number in the catalog and tried it and got right through and was told they did not go on sale until midnight March 1st but that they had 72 Black and 20 some gold in stock. Today Feb 28, I called with another question about the reel and they told me they were sold out completely, when I asked how that happened they could not tell me, so I ended the call. A little later I called back and asked for a manager, he came on and said the flier was sent out to early to the western states and they accidently triggered the website to sell them at that price. I told him I had called the day I received the flier and was told they were in stock then, so he said they had sold out of them by Friday the 23rd I said that I called sunday the 28th and they still had them in stock, his reply was uh, uh, uh well you called this "past" Sunday I said yes this past Sunday. He said well as I explained there was a glitch. When I asked about another reel he perked up and offered 30 % off of the replacement reel nowhere near the savings of the other reel. When I told him I was less than pleased with this he said as I explained we had a glitch. Keep in mind from the day I originally called they had these reels on sale for I think it was $159.00 and when I checked periodically the website showed they had them then in fact they showed they had them for $159.00 price on Monday or Tuesday of this week. I asked if I could find one at an Orvis dealer would the $69.00 price be honored, he said it was up to the dealer, so I called one dealer and they checked on the computer for any store that might have them, I was going to order two of them, she checked with Orvis and whoever she talked to said they had been sold out for 2 months. I feel I have been outright lied to either twice by representatives or by management and thought everybody should see their business practices. I am through with Orvis.

This is my opinion and and facts of what I was told by them.
I had always heard they were an honorable business but I guess I will have to reevaluate that.

Sorry to be so long but this type of business tends to not set well with me.

Capn' Jack
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